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Grand Opening x100 12th August

We are pleased to announce that our game tests are coming to an end and we are going to open the server for all players around the world on, the Exact Data and Time is not yet leak but please stay our Server Website for Timer Countdown

About Us:

Darkside MUOnline is born out of passion, dedication and love for the game. A lot of time and countless efforts were put to this server to make sure that we bring out the best. With our 20 years of experience in the fields of gaming and MU Online, we will deliver you the high quality game server you were looking for.

Server description:

Darkside MUOnline is a high experience server for fast and easy levelling. High drop and success rates. You will find Excellent items and Wings for all character classes at the shops. All the skills for all character classes are available at the shops as well. The maps are full of monster spots. All character classes are unlocked, so you can create your favorite character as soon as you enter the game. Here are some Stuff you gonna Enjoy:
-New Pet Pierce Lion
-New Class Kundun Mephis and Lemuria
-New Weapons Manticore
New Brilliant Set
New Maps Kethotum
New Map Kanturu Underground
-New Elf Skills (Elf Renewal)

Server Settings:

- Version: Season 17 Part 2
- Experience: x100
- Drop rate: 50%
- Maximum Level: 400
- Maximum Master Level: 1050
- Total Max Level: 1450
- Points per Level: Standard - 5/7
- Maximum stats: 32767
- Points Per Reset: 500 * Reset
- Reset: Level 400
- Max Reset: 9999
- Grand Reset: Not Applicable

Starter Gift:


-Full Buffs for 1 Day

-Pet Skeleton 1 Day

-Pet Skeleton Ring 1 Day

-Mini Wings 1 Day

-Watcher Rank


Opinions and Complaints:

We highly value the opinion and suggestions of our players. And we also care a lot about the quality of the server. For these reasons, we would be very grateful if you could share your opinion about the server. We will be happy to know what you like, what you do not like and, accordingly, if you find any issues, please let us know. We will do our best to take care of them in the fastest way! You can contact us by opening a new support ticket here: 

Do you like it?

If you like everything we have done and you are willing to help us in the development of the server - we will be very grateful! You can help us by inviting your friends to play with you on the server or by sending the DarksideMU link to different MU-related groups and pages. Thank you in advance!

Thank you and Welcome to the Darkside MUOnline!

What is Special?
-Custom Configurations
-Custom Drops and Events
-Custom Ranks
-Custom Spot and Monster Diffculty
-Rewards from Boss are not limited as they have Wcoins/GoblinPoints/Ruuds
-Custom Jewels
-Active Admins

-DarksideMuonline rewards you with special Ranks as you climb higher into the reset and will give you more Power/ Health/ Defense/ and PvP. This is also used to different shade a high tier Active player vs a Non-Active Player.

News was created by Darksisde (Owner)

09 / 08 / 2022