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New Pet

The 3rd Guardian- Pierce Lion

1. Introduction

The 3rd Guardian ‘Pierlion’ is added.

The 3rd Guardians ‘Pierlion’ and ‘Pierlion (Rare)’ will be added.

  PierLion (rare) has the same stats as PierLion, but with a different color.

       It can be obtained with a low probability.

The 3rd Guardian is an inventory-mounted vehicle item.

The 3rd Guardian can be obtained through the 2nd Guardian Upgrade Combination.

Pierlion Pierlion (rare)
Lv.1000 Lv.1000

 Guardian Acquisition

Guardian Upgrade Combination

  (1) Guardian upgrade combination can be done through Lorancia NPC (122,110)’Trainer’.

  (2) Upgrade combination is available from the previous order of Guardian +11 level,

      The combination probability varies depending on the level.

  (3) Combination material items can be upgraded using’Pierce Lion’s Seal’ items and jewel items.

  (4) If the combination fails, the rude shop material and gem material disappear,

     Guardians used as base materials drop to +0 level.

  (5) When the upgrade combination is successful, the Guardian’s general option and elite resistance option are randomly re-granted.

  (6) When upgrading and combining a Guardian with 3 standard options

     Randomly redistributed with at least 2 options.

     However, the Elite Resistance option will be randomly re-granted.

* When combining upgrades, you can obtain the’Pierce Lion (rare)’ item with a low probability.

Combination type Basic material Rude shop material Jewelry material Combination probability Combination result
3rd Guardian
(Pierce Lion)
+15 Enhancement
2nd Guardian
Pierce Lion’s Seal Jewel of Blessing 20 Jewel of
Soul 20 Jewel of
Chaos 1 Jewel of
Creation 1
100% +0 Enhancement
3rd Guardian
Pierce Lion
Pierce Lion (Rare)
+14 Enhancement
2nd Guardian
+13 Enhancement
2nd Guardian
+12 Enhancement
2nd Guardian
+11 Enhancement
2nd Guardian
Pierce Lion Seal
Sales NPC Priest James
Elbeland (32.239)
Ruud Shop Sales Price 50,000 rude

3. 3rd Guardian Option

1) Basic option

  (1) The vehicle type 3rd Guardian has the following basic options.

  (2) Defense is added as a new basic option to the 1st to 3rd Guardians.

Basic option
Movement speed increase
Attack Speed ​​Increase +7
New Basic Option-Defense
Defense increases according to the strengthening level of the guardian item.

 2) Guardian option

(1) Guardians have a standard option and an elite monster resistance option.

[General Options]

-You can have a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3 options.

-The option value increases according to the guardian’s reinforcement level.

General option
Property Attack Power +120
Element Defense Increase + 120
(Up to level 1100) Increases defense by 3 per 20 levels
(Up to level 1100) Increases attack power/horsepower/low focus by 3 per 20 levels

[Elite Monster Resistance Option]

-You can have 1 type of option out of 1~5 types.

-This option resists the abilities of elite monsters located in the elite zone.

-The option value increases according to the guardian’s reinforcement level.

Elite Monster Resistance Option
Type 1 (Fire) Bleeding Damage Resistance Damage Reduction Resistance
Type 2 (water) Toxic damage resistance Damage Reduction Resistance
Type 3 (ground) Bleeding Damage Resistance Attack speed reduction resistance
Type 4 (wind) Toxic damage resistance Defense reduction resistance
Type 5 (dark) Bleeding Damage Resistance Defense reduction resistance